Car Repair & Service in Guadalajara-Zapopan


Car Repair & Service in Guadalajara-Zapopan (Verificentro)


Car repair & Service in Zapopan

Transmojal verificentro

Transmojal verificentro y mecánica en general

Lunes a viernes 8am – 7pm. Sábados 8am- 2pm. 36 84 59 92 (97) Whatsapp: 3318333551

Ignacio Allende #21. Colonia Miguel de la Madrid H. Zapopan, Jal. C.P 45239. Teléfonos: 36 845992(97), Whatsapp: 33183335551. Horarios: Lunes a Viernes 8am a 7pm. Sábados: 8am – 2pm. Learn more: VerificaciónAfinacionesContáctanos

Verificación (Emission test)

For vehicles built before 2016 you will need:

  1. Card of the vehicle.
  2. Your car in good conditions.
  3. Make an appointment, bring your car and wait for 10 minutes.

Process of the test takes 10 minutes. The price of this service is $350MXN+IVA (2018). If your car fails the test, then you have another chance to pass the test.

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Car Repair & Service Shop

Best choice of repair shop…

More than 30 years of experience behind us.

Transmojal Taller Mecánico® offers you a great variety of services, both for private users, as for business entities or fleets. Among our services include:

  • Main Maintenance Service

  • Emission test (Verificación)

  • Brakes

  • Suspensions

  • Clutch

  • Tire shop

  • Transmisions

  • Engines

  • Diagnostics

  • Electrical issues

Request your appointment to register your service or to speak with the engineer in turn!, learn more: InicioServiciosFrenos

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Main Maintenance Service


The general tuning service of the engine is one of the most important services that must be performed on your car. Life of your engine (Oil change), and the performance of the engine (Combustion Elements) depend on the correct execution in time and form.

Frequency of service

Oil change service must be done every 6 months or every 7,000km. This service is the most important to preserve the “life of the engine”.

This service must be done once a year. In this service all consumable combustion elements (spark plugs, filters, etc.) are replaced.

Price of the service

There is no general price for these services, each vehicle is different and requires its own spare parts, oil viscosities, etc. It is also important to consider the user’s management habits. Send a message (Whatsapp) and receive your quote in minutes. Visit our car repair shop.

Who are we?

30 years ago we started this project.

We are a mechanical workshop and verificentro located in the city of Zapopan, Jalisco. Our specialty is the maintenance and repair services of private vehicles as well as service to business fleets.

Currently we offer a wide variety of services, practically in all branches of the automotive maintenance and repair sector.

If you require some service and you are not sure if we can help you, then we invite you to call us, the engineer in turn will attend you.

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